What is chirped pulse amplification? Michael Greco explains in ELI audio podcast.

We have just published a special edition of ELI audio podcast.
The presenter of the podcast is Vojtěch Koval, the podcast presenter and former Czech Radio journalist.
He has prepared lots of questions about physics, about chirped pulse amplification. What is it? Why is it so important for  laser physics?

The guest of this audio podcast is Michael Greco.
Michael is from Chicago and at ELI Beamlines works as a laser physicist in the L1 and L2 laser teams. The big project he is working on now is an optical stretcher for the L2 laser system, which is the fourth and last main laser system we install at ELI. Michael finds Czechs to be very easy going. He likes the concept of “chatas” :-), he thinks everyone should have a quiet place in nature to spend time.

Listen to us and learn more.

This is the last audio podcast before the summer break.

Thanks for listening.

ELI Podcast: Michael Greco