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ELI Beamlines call: user-assisted commissioning of the ELIMAIA Ion Beam Transport section at high repetition-rate

Issue Date 04.10.2022
Closing Date 05.11.2022
Status closed

The ELI Beamlines user facility invites the scientific community to submit proposals for commissioning the ELIMAIA (ELI Multidisciplinary Applications of laser-Ion Acceleration) Ion Beam Transport section in its E4 Experimental Hall that will offer future open-access experiments on laser-plasma ion acceleration and applications in radiobiology, chemistry, material science, archaeology, nuclear physics, etc. Beforehand, the ELI-Beamlines team will carry out commissioning experiments of the ELIMAIA Ion Accelerator section with the main goal of demonstrating a stable generation of proton beams with moderate performances at high repetition-rate.

The aim of the call is to:

  • Perform user-assisted commissioning experiments, using the capabilities already in operation at the Ion Accelerator section of the ELIMAIA beamline in the E4 experimental hall.
  • Basic commissioning the Ion Beam Transport (ELIMED) section of the ELIMAIA facility with enhanced performances of the accelerated proton beam at high repetition-rate.
  • Increase the future value of experimental capabilities of the ELIMAIA-ELIMED beamline for the user community by ensuring that the final development and commissioning steps are completed in collaboration with leading international experts.
  • Train ELI Beamlines scientific staff, user office personnel, and support teams together with experienced users in the interactions necessary for efficient user operations.

The full text of the call: ELIMAIA-E4_call

Proposals are accepted from around the world, and are evaluated by an international panel of experts and accepted based on scientific merit.
Proposers are invited to contact the ELI User Office with technical questions:
We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Please use the application form to describe the planned experiment.

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