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DPSSL Technology

Technologie Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (DPSSL) je v ELI Beamlines použita v laserových systémech L1 Allegra a L2 Amos.

3D Virtuální prohlídka L1 ALLEGRA laseru ZDE.

Popis DPSSL technologie v anglickém jazyce:

In the case of the L1 system, the team has designed and developed kHz repetition-rate laser amplifiers based on the so-called thin-disk technology, providing more than 100 mJ of energy in the pulse in a beam of excellent spatial quality. The diode-pumped thin-disk laser heads were delivered by a commercial company. For the L2 system, developed in partnership with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (U.K.), the ELI-Beamlines team works on technologies for Helium-cooled multislab amplifiers. These include advanced methods of cryogenic He cooling based on the Brayton cycle, new laser active materials based on Yb:doped YAG monocrystals, new techniques of temporal shaping of the laser pulse, advanced repetition-rate laser diagnostics, and control and timing systems.

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