The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy

The use of femtosecond stimulated Raman probes should make it possible to measure the vibrational spectra of liquid, gaseous, and transparent solid state samples with femtosecond time resolution. This should be provided both as an independent beam line and as an optional add-on to the other experiments.

Recording time-resolved structures of complex molecules (such as protein complexes) by femtosecond X-ray pulses is among the important goals of ELI Beamline’s project. However, these techniques are still in the process of being developed and suffer from a high level of damage that is inflicted on a sample. In contrast, time-resolved vibrational spectra can map molecular conformations in a highly non-invasive way. The possibility of running these experiments simultaneously with X-ray experiments would allow for valuable supplementary information to be obtained to cross-validate the conclusions drawn from the X-ray experiments. A crucial advantage of the stimulated Raman probe is the great flexibility it offers in terms of beam delivery, because it is based on pulses in the optical domain.

Miroslav Kloz,