The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


ELIps is an instrument for femtosecond magneto-optical ellipsometry. It will work in the VUV photon range and employ a fast-switching magnetic field.

ELIps: The ELI instrument for sub-ps VUV ellipsometry

The VUV ellipsometer is an instrument for femtosecond magneto-optical ellipsometry in the energy range between 1 and 40 eV. It will be located at the solid-state beam line of the HHG source and will have the following main characteristics:

  • Energy range for ellipsometry from 1–40 eV without venting system
  • Switching magnetic field across the sample between +/- 1.5 T at 1 kHz
  • Sample temperature range between 7 K and 500 K.

Using different instrument configurations the ELIps can also be used for reflectivity, transmission and Circular Dichroism experiments.