The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

E3: Platforma pro fyziku plazmatu

Platforma pro fyziku plazmatu, která se nachází v experimentální hale E3, je multifunkční experimentální infrastrukturou určenou k provádění výzkumu interakce laseru s hmotou. Výzkum bude zaměřen zejména na následující oblasti:

Fyzika vysokoenergetické hustoty (HEDP)
Teplá hustá hmota (WDM)
Plazmová optika (PO)
Laboratorní astrofyzika (LA)
Interakce s ultravysokou intenzitou (UHI).

Více informací je k dispozici v anglickém jazyce.

P3 features a unique infrastructure that includes the following:

  • Up to 5 synchronized laser beams (initially ~ps; later ~fs level)
  • High repetition rate lasers (10 Hz and 1 Hz)
  • High intensity (10 PW) as well as high energy (kJ) operation
  • A large versatile vacuum chamber (~45 m3)
  • A pulsed power device for magnetic field generation (>50 Tesla)
  • A Betatron for diagnostic purposes
  • A plasma mirror chamber for contrast enhancement
  • An optical switchyard and manipulation station (MOB) including delay lines, frequency conversion, leakage optics for pulse characterization, adaptive optics, etc.

P3 is oriented towards fundamental research applications that do not involve any predefined secondary sources. This chamber accommodates the ELI lasers L2, L3, and L4. L4 is provided with a flexible energy partition between L4n (nanosecond-scale), L4f (femtosecond-scale), and L4p (picosecond-scale).

The research program in E3 is accompanied and supported by strong theory and simulation activities that will help to interpret experimental data, to do predictive modeling of experiments, and to help to design future experiments. Due to the variety of phenomena that will be studied, many different simulation tools are available.The simulation work becomes possible due to a local ELI-BL HPC cluster.

Senior scientists responsible for P3:Deepak Kumar BATHEJA, Stefan WEBER,