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LIDT – Laser Induced Damage Threshold

The LIDT station is used for determining the laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) of optical components down to the femtosecond regime. The damages are verified offline by Normaski microscopy and the setup can be situated in high vacuum as all the components are optimized for low outgassing.

Features and benefits

Ultrashort pulses in vacuum
Higher accuracy of results in the femtosecond and picosecond regime with respect to real operating conditions

High repetition rate
Allows testing of the effects of ageing and long-term stress

Already tested and in use in ELI Beamlines
The system has been used for internal research extensively and provides comparative results


800 nm
130 fs, single shot to 1 kHz, <2 mJ
45 fs, single shot to 10 Hz <0.9 J
50 fs, single shot to 1 kHz <0.8 mJ
~15 fs, 1 kHz few mJ

1060 nm (tunable)
80 – 130 fs, single shot to 1 kHz, <0.3 mJ

1030 nm
1.5 ps, 1 kHz, <30 mJ

515 nm
1.5 ps, 1 kHz, <15 mJ


Laser facilities
Manufactures of optical components
Manufactures of laser safety products


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Download here: LIDT – Laser Induced Damage Threshold