The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


The High Field Initiative (HiFI) project is established to be the leading project in the high field science. It emphases the synergy between the theory and experiments and building a strong theoretical group to develop new ideas for experiments. In parallel conduct extensive computer simulations.

The project will advance our knowledge of laser accelerated electrons and ions as well as high energy photon generation. It aims at studying novel regimes when radiation friction and quantum electrodynamics processes, such as electron-positron pair creation and vacuum polarization, become significant. To explore this regime experimentally an upgrade of the existing at ELI-BL infrastructure around the 10 PW laser beam will be done within the HiFI project.

The leader of the group: Prof. Sergei V. Bulanov
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The ERT/HiFI team leader, Prof. S. V. Bulanov is an expert in theoretical astrophysics, in nonlinear wave theory, in the theory of relativistic laser plasmas and in computer simulations. Being theoretician S. V. Bulanov for several years was a leader of experimental group at the Kansai Photon Science Institute (KPSI-JAERI-JAEA-QST) in Kyoto in Japan. S. V. Bulanov is a recipient of several notable awards: State Prize of the USSR for Sciences and Technology for achievements in high energy astrophysics, Japan Atomic Energy Agency President’s Awards and Awards of the Japan Laser Society for contribution to the laser physics development, and Hannes Alfven Prize of European Physical Society for experimental and theoretical contribution to the development of large-scale next-step devices in high-temperature plasma physics research.