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The BioChem LAB is a BSL 1 lab that supports the manipulation and basic sample preparation for the molecular and bio medical applications at ELI. It will be fully operational at the initial stage. It is located in the laboratory building, room LB.1.05 and it is equipped with:

Fume hood, Biosafety cabinet , Glove box, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, Compact Fiber Spectrofluorimeter, Drying oven (18L up to 150 °C), Refrigerator, Freezer (up to -85 °C), Microscope with CCD camera, Double deionized water system, Rough and analytical balances (2000 g +/- 0.01 g, and 220 g +/- 0.1 mg), Centrifuges (100 ml 3900 rpm, and 2 ml 12500 rpm), pH meter, Thermostatic and ultrasonic baths, Basic chemicals and instruments for buffer preparation, Tools for crystal manipulation.

The ELI Beamlines building includes space for an advanced bio lab infrastructure that includes a functional biomedical research environment with a capability to perform work up to Biosafety level 3 and to house animal laboratories. (in total >200 m2 of lab space in two floors next to the experimental halls). However, these lab areas will not be equipped in the initial stage.


RadLab is a dedicated laboratory for radiation protection purposes. RadLab will be used mainly for calibrations requiring usage of radioactive sources. Besides, it will serve as a technical support laboratory for radioprotection purposes.


TargetLAB will equiped with basic characterization tools to facilite imaging targets before (uniformity, quality, features) and after (damages, material changes, effects after interaction with laser beam) experimets.

TargetLab at ELI Beamlines will feature following instruments:

  • Digital Optical Microscope
  • Optical Profilometer
  • Raman spectrometer and/or fluorescent microscope

Optical labs

Research Programmes 1-6 have their own optical labs for preparation of optical components and setups. There are all together two smaller labs (RP1) and one larger lab (RP2-RP6) in ISO 7 in the laboratory building.


Electronics and Control Systems Workshops

Electro-technical Workshop

Opto-mechanical Workshop

The workshop will serve for assembly, adjustment and testing of optomechanical devices prototypes. It will be used for metrology of optomechanical devices, acceptance tests, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

Fine Mechanical Workshop

Vacuum Workshop

The Vacuum Workshop is the place to test various vacuum related devices, such as gauges, pumps, valves, vacuum control systems; to test materials for outgassing and to clean vacuum equipment. It is foreseen that effects of pump vibration on optical elements will be tested in both the Vacuum Workshop and in experimental halls.