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E5: Urychlování elektronů a undulátorový rentgenový zdroj

V experimentální hale E5 se nachází platforma pro vysokoenergetické laserové urychlování elektronů (HELL) a zařízení pro generaci undulátorového rentgenového záření (LUX).
[Podrobné informace jsou k dispozici v anglickém jazyce.]

Most of the building services in E5 are provided through hubs with unified connection panels. The building services provide HVAC and lights as well as several distributed utilities for specific usage, such as primary vacuum (backing and rough), de-mineralized cooling water, compressed, clean, dry air, gaseous nitrogen at room temperature, communication networks, drainage, and exhalation exhaust.

The large size of this experimental hall (about 50m extendable up to 110m for the future use of the 10PW kilo-Joule class laser) enables the use of very long focal lengths for laser-matter interaction and allows for various possibilities such as testing a multi-stage electron acceleration approach and, most important, the use of magnetic undulators for the future perspective of generating X-ray radiation in the so-called XFEL scheme.

The E5 experimental hall covers a wide range of user needs based on the LWFA method. The LUX beam line is dedicated to users interested in the irradiation of various samples through the most advanced techniques; the HELL platform is a flexible experimental area mainly dedicated to users who want to test innovative concepts or simply to use the most advanced technologies for accelerating electrons by lasers at multi-GeV level.

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