10 years of ELI 10 years of ELI 10 years of ELI


Name of proposer


E-mail and phone number

Title of Proposal:

1. Scientific background and aim of the proposed experiment (approx. 300 word)

2. Justification of rapid access (approx. 100 words)

3. Experiment information

a) Required ELI Beamlines station or technique and number of days

ELI Beamlines station / required technique

Number of days requested

please briefly justify the selection of station/technique and the requested number of days (max 100 words)

b) samples & safety related issues

- list the samples to be studied (size, composition, quality)

- list all possible safety aspects (e.g., dangerous, toxic or radioactive substances…) under consideration of
safety issues related to the nature of biological samples: state full name, indicate provenance, indicate risk level according to DIRECTIVE 2000/54/EC

c) required laboratory and equipment

d) technical information (if applicable)

- describe technical requirements specific to your experiment

- explain any need for specific sample environments, pulse duration, wavelengths et c..

- identify experimental or technical difficulties to be expected (e.g., very small sample amounts, difficult alignment)

4. Results expected and their impact
Describe the information you expect to obtain from the experiment and what would be the scientific relevance of the results.

5. References