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Pneumatically Actuated Laser Shutters

These shutters are based on translating mirrors that direct the laser beam to a beam dump, preventing it from propagating and protecting down-beam components and personnel. A pneumatic actuator moves the mirror into or out of the beam. By storing energy as compressed air, reliable, fast and fail-safe closing is
uaranteed, even when mounted horizontally.


  • Pneumatically actuated
  • In-air and UHV compatible options available
  • Versions for large beam diameters ( >20cm ), high intensity (PW-class) and high average power (kW)
  • Rapid closing times even for large mirror masses
  • Constructed mainly from off-the-shelf industrial, high-reliability components
  • Lifetime tested to > 10000 cycles
  • Numerous models developed for different applications
  • High reliability closing even in a horizontal orientation


  • Simple, high-reliability control with compressed air
  • Adaptable design for demanding physics applications
  • Suitable for integration into large laser systems
  • No need to rely on small shutters in the front-end – laser amplifiers can stay thermalized while waiting for user operations
  • Certain models designed to achieve Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC-61508
  • Reliability and availability proved from daily use at ELI Beamlines
  • Adaptable to demanding end-user requirements
  • No need for vertical gravity close in locations with space constraints


  • Beam clear aperture From 50 mm to 500 mm
  • Opening and closing times From 50 ms to 5 seconds
  • Safety rating SIL2 (single shutter) and SIL3 (dual shutter)
  • Average laser power Up to 1 kW (with integrated water-cooled beam dump)

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