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E4: Urychlování iontů

Experimentální hala E4 je věnována uživatelským experimentům využívajícím zařízení pro mezioborové aplikace laserového urychlování iontů (ELIMAIA). [Podrobné informace jsou k dispozici v anglickém jazyce.]

Most of the building services in E4 are provided through hubs with unified connection panels. The building services provide HVAC and lights as well as several distributed utilities for specific usage, such as primary vacuum (backing and rough), de-mineralized cooling water, compressed, clean, dry air, gaseous nitrogen at room temperature, communication networks, drainage, and exhalation exhaust.

The E4 experimental area allows users to test various samples with laser accelerated ion sources because of its ion beam transport and dosimetry section, as well as to investigate innovative schemes for laser-driven ion acceleration that can be accommodated in the flexible interaction chamber.

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