Educational events

Participate in our educational events where you will be able to meet the top laser scientists who will guide you through the world of ultra-intense laser radiation.

Do you want to know about current trends in the field of laser physics and their potential future applications? Then you may register for  ELISS 2017 .

Challenge for students – Bachelor/Master/PhD Thesis

Are you enthusiastic about laser technology? You can write a diploma or PhD thesis under the guidance of researchers from the ELI Beamlines project. We offer topics for bachelor, diploma, and PhD theses.

Icon Design and realization of a dosimetric and radiobiological device for laser-accelerated proton beams for medical applications (149.0 KB)

Icon Radiation shielding calculations for a laser-accelerator facility (85.2 KB)

Icon Study and preliminary testing of an energy selection system for laser-driven ion beams for medical applications (149.3 KB)