Educational events

Participate in our educational events where you will be able to meet the top laser scientists who will guide you through the world of ultra-intense laser radiation.

Do you want to know about current trends in the field of laser physics and their potential future applications? Then you may register for  ELISS 2017 .

Challenge for students – Bachelor/Master/PhD Thesis

Are you enthusiastic about laser technology? You can write a diploma or PhD thesis under the guidance of researchers from the ELI Beamlines project. We offer topics for bachelor, diploma, and PhD theses.

Icon Activation Database: Simulation of the Induced Activation of Irradiated Material (111.1 KB)

Icon Development of Flair - FLUKA Advanced Interface (110.8 KB)

Icon FLUKA-Geant4 Benchmark (114.5 KB)

Icon Characterization of the Radiation Field in Each ELI Beamlines Experimental Hall (111.5 KB)

Icon Simulations for Detector Development (110.6 KB)

Icon Simulation of Cosmic Rays Radiation and Comparison with Experimental Data (110.6 KB)

Icon Study of Neutron Production Using a Proton Beam Impinging on a Deuterated Target (111.7 KB)

Research Program 2 (X-ray sources driven by repetition rate ultrashort laser pulses):

Icon Laser Driven Plasma X-ray Source for Pump-Probe Spectroscopy and Imaging (117.8 KB)

Icon Femtosekundové zdroje energetického záření vytvářené laserem (113.4 KB)

Icon Generace attosekundových impulzů pomocí intenzivního femtosekundového laseru (115.6 KB)

Icon Koherentní difrakční zobrazování v EUV části spektra (115.0 KB)

Research Program 3 (Particle acceleration by lasers):

Icon Development of Automatic Diagnostics for a Laser Plasma Electron Accelerator (110.5 KB)

Icon Laser Plasma Electron Accelerator for Cancer Treatment: Study of Feasibility (113.1 KB)

Icon Theory of Laser Plasma Electron Acceleration: Studying the Electron Injection (111.5 KB)

Research Program 5 (Laser plasma and high-energy density physics):

Icon Research Opportunity for Bachelor’s/Master’s Thesis (189.0 KB)

Icon Design rentgenového spektrometru pro studium plazmatu na ELI Beamlines (158.8 KB)

Icon Vývoj interferometrického systému pro VISAR na ELI Beamlines (160.3 KB)