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ICEL konference 2019

Dear Madam/ Dear Sir,

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd International Conference on Extreme Light 2019 (ICEL 2019) combining the scientific conference with a subsequent prospective ELI user meeting will be hosted by ELI Beamlines from the 21st till 25th October 2019 in Dolni Brezany in the Czech Republic.

Main topics

  • High-power lasers including new concepts for high-peak-power and high-average-power generation
  • Laser-driven secondary sources of soft and hard x-rays and their applications in different areas such as bio-medical and materials science
  • Attosecond pulse generation and applications
  • Laser-driven particle acceleration including high-repetition-rate sources of electrons, protons, higher charged ions and their applications
  • Challenging the energy frontiers of particle acceleration with lasers
  • Neutron generation using high-power lasers and their future applications
  • Ultra-intense laser matter and laser vacuum interaction (High Field Physics)
  • Laboratory Astrophysics
  • New societal applications of laser-driven secondary sources (medical imaging and therapy, transmutation, fuel cycles, etc.)

Call for Abstracts
June 30, 2019

Visit the conference web page for more information:

 Looking forward to meeting you at ELI Beamlines!

Contact person: Ms. Romana Kocova,